Characteristics of Ice Pads

1. The filling material "phase change constant temperature material", the thermostatic material is to maintain the constant temperatures;

2. Temperature: 30 degrees Celsius below the human body 6~7℃

3. No need to fill other materials, no need for electricity and other energy to reduce heat, that is, cold, easy to clean, no carbon conducive to environmental protection;

4.27 degrees Celsius begins to crystallize and 32 degrees Celsius begins to melt. Crystallization-melt into a phase change cycle, according to the change of ambient temperature, after 2000 times of phase change cycle, phase change material can still maintain most of the refrigeration characteristics, after 5,000 cycles of phase change, phase change material can maintain the original 80% of the refrigeration capacity.

5. According to the ambient temperature, the ice pad for each effective cooling time of 3-6 hours;

6. The internal phase change material is 30 degrees of phase change material, its latent heat is that each kilogram can absorb the thermal energy can reach 230KJ, it absorbs heat far more than the ordinary ice pad and water cushion of heat absorption;

7. The outer packing is the PVC compound polyester fabric, waterproof is not breathable;

8. Constant temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, the body will not feel too cold and cold, is cool feeling.