How do you handle the Sports injury? Cold /Hot compress? Hot compress after cold compress? Cold compress after hot compress?


How do you handle the Sports injury? Cold /Hot compress? Hot compress after cold compress? Cold compress after hot compress?

Knee and ankle ligament injuries are most common in life. Generally, no operation is necessary and can be rehabilitate as soon as possible through proper nursing. Cold and hot compress can not be used casually. Different stages of treatment are different.

After injury: hot compress after ice compress

The most obvious injury is pain and swelling. First stop all activities, , and ice compress as early as possible. After the sprain, the ligaments will have a microvascular rupture, the secretion and absorption of the joint fluid will have obstacles, often causing local swelling. Ice compress to constrict the blood vessels, reduce local congestion, and inhibit swelling and bleeding. In general, ice compress first and then compress blood vessels for 24 hours, then apply hot compress to promote blood circulation. Especially severe (swelling and pain did not ease, but more serious), after 48 hours, consider hot compress. The replacement of the heat is because the ligament repair needs to promote the blood circulation of the injured area, and take the nutrients and drugs needed for the ligament rehabilitation to the injury, and the wastes that produce the metabolism are taken away through the circulation of the blood and the metabolism of the joint fluid.

Exercise rehabilitation: ice compress after hot compress

Cold and hot compress are the most important and effective methods in conservative treatment. After 3~4 days of ligament injury, the muscle is extended for  hot compress 3~5 minutes before exercise. After exercise 20~30 minutes, ice compress 3~5 minutes to prevent swelling. Unless the joint is swollen or there is a serious taboo, the whole joint range must be carried out in the later period of ligament injury. It is best to consult a professional doctor in the hospital, including how long after exercise, how much exercise and so on. It is advisable to recover from exhaustion and pain after exercise.