Disposable ice pack

Standard technology ice is high density plastic side is non-woven fabric

Mainly used for perishable products, biological agents and all the needs of refrigerated transport products (if transport technology ice with the product shipped, can not be retracted to re-use, the recommended standard two-layer of the scientific and technological ice, although the design is one-time use, but in careful use of the case can also be used more than once (note: But not with the HDR type four layer of technology ice, HDR-type four-layer, re-use, hot and cold dual-use)

Use method: First put the science and technology ice in the water, rub with the hands, so that the science and technology of ice expansion, expansion to 1 centimeters for the best state, after the expansion of the surface of the water to dry, and then put in the refrigerator can be used to freeze.