Function of the ice pad

1. Ice cushion can be used as pillow cushion, cold pillow;

2. Long-term work on the car of professional motorists car seat cushion, private cars and buses can also be configured;

3. The Office seat and furniture chair's cooling down the summer seat cushion;

4. It also has a role in the reduction of body temperature and is harmless to animal health;

5. Notebook computer and other electrical appliances cushion, used to reduce the electrical appliances for a long period of time to generate heat;

6. Other cooling effects.

First, the product energy-saving and environmental protection! The effect of cooling is very obvious, sitting for a few seconds can make the body feel cool and comfortable, both let people through the heart of the cool and not feel cold.

Second, the relevant expert experiments prove that the product has the health function of external treatment, not only has the function of cooling off the 痱 and reducing fire, but also has auxiliary curative effect on hypertension, dizziness, backache, neurasthenia and hemorrhoids and other diseases.

Third, the car drivers use the product, to eliminate fatigue, clear God eye-catching, concentration of attention has a good effect.

Four, really is a mat present, Ming is to solve the heat of worry, row hot worry. It is meditation and spleen and stomach antibody weak exhaustion.