History of the Ice pad

The first generation of ice cushion should be called water cushion, because the inside is filled with water material, this kind of ice cushion refrigeration effect is not very big, only just start contact to have coolness, this time most people use basically all night, because at night not too sunlight irradiation, use effect can prolong, the price is also relatively low

The second generation of ice pads should be called ice pads, because the first generation of water cushion products cooling effect is short, daytime use of poor results, and lead to ice pad manufacturers began to study the ice pad formula, this time the mud pad came into being, ice pad filled with water absorbent materials and cooling liquid, this cushion than the first generation of refrigeration time to a little longer, About 30-60 minutes, feel like cotton mud, the price is slightly higher than the first generation.

The third generation of ice mats, called ice crystals, as a result of the previous two products experience, the major manufacturers, after years of development, according to a variety of conditions developed, to maintain the effect in 2-3 hours or so, and under 25 degrees can automatically freeze, this product turned out to break the traditional ice cushion pattern, Led to a generation of second-generation products, the ice cushion into ice age, but also led to the price of ice pads, so far on the market there are a number of small workshops alone to produce this product, in the marketplace flow.