How to use ice pads

Put the cool ice pad in your car seat or office, on the seat of the family, if used continuously at high temperature, so that the refrigeration material in the bag has melted, can be placed below 25 degrees of ground, cold place, cold water or refrigerator can, it will automatically restore crystalline state. Remind the driver that a friend is not in the driver's seat when it is best to move the ice pad to the sun in the shade or to cover with a cotton cushion to keep the ice pad for a longer period of low temperature! You can prepare 2 replacement uses if necessary (note that if the ambient temperature in the car is greater than 25 degrees, Temporarily unused ice pads are best stored as ice-warmer materials to keep them from absorbing ambient heat and rising temperatures. When back comes home, put the ice pads in a cool, 25-degree cold environment for re-use.

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