Info: Cooling Gel Patch, Baby Fever Reducing Patch, Cool Patch


Basic Info

  • Item Number:FCP 0305

  • Material: Non-woven Fabric

  • Group: Children and Adult

  • Function: for Reducing Fever ,Headache,Toothache

  • Origin: China

1. Doctor recommended to provide cooling relief from the discomfort associated with migraine, headache, fever, muscle aches, sprains, over-exertion, hot-flashes or whenever you need relief.
2. Provides immediate cooling relief in a convenient disposable product. Needs no refrigeration and is portable. Ready to use anywhere and anytime at home, at work or while traveling.
3. Gently adheres to your skin.
4. Offers just the right amount of cooling to maximize comfort.
5. Cooling effect of each sheet lasts up to 8 hours.