Portable Refrigerant



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Medical uses: refrigerating and transporting various biological reagents, medicines, plasma, vaccines, etc.

Family nursing: physical cooling, fever, cold compress, hemostasis, sprain, physical therapy, skin care, etc.

Refrigerated transport: poultry meat, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, aquatic products, agricultural products, chocolate, bee products, cooked food and other items of fresh preservation and transportation.

Cold storage: breast milk preservation, beer beverage cold preservation, food and other items cold storage.

Food preservation: summer food tends to deteriorate, and ice boxes and food can be put into ice packets to keep food fresh.

Vehicle use: it can be used as vehicle refrigerator, enjoy fresh delicious, cool and tasty drinks and delicious food whenever and wherever possible.

Outdoor use: ideal products for camping, outing, barbecue, fishing and long distance travel to keep cool food and beverages.

Liquid cooling: it can be used in the air conditioning fan tank to reduce the water temperature of the tank and achieve the purpose of cooling the air conditioning fan.