Reusable gel Pack for home care & First Aid & Transportation

1) Description:

1. When using this INTCO reusable gel pack, it can bend freely according to the place it is applied, and it can be close to joints and muscles, so as to make the application more effective.

2. The product can be used after pre-cooling or pre-heat treatment to adapt to infinite alternation of heat and cold.


2) Product Applicable:

Cold compress: headache, fever, toothache, heatstroke, scald, muscle strain, sprain, traumatic hemostasis, cosmetology, etc.

Hot compress: arthritis, rheumatism, dysmenorrhea, stomach discomfort, cervical spondylitis, sciatica, lumbar muscle strain, etc.


3) Notes:

1. This application INTCO reusable gel pack is only suitable for external use. If the packing is damaged carelessly so that the inner liquid touches the eyes or skin, it can be washed with clean water.

2. In order to prevent the temperature from being too high or too low, it is better to wrap it in towel or cotton cloth. If you feel uncomfortable after application, you should put it down for a moment before applying it. If the circulatory system of the user is defective, you should consult a doctor first.


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