Reusable ice pack

The four-layer technology ice consists of two nonwoven textile material layers, which are compressed into a special form of crosslinked, poly acrylic polyol, in combination with the trade secret formula. The two key plastic layers inside use a one-way micro-perforation technology, which allows the plastic layer to be combined with the textile material layer to ensure that the new model can withstand the worst weather in the transport process, and this performance is undoubtedly an innovation.

1, ice pack is a kind of ice-cube upgrade replacement products, has more applicability, its use of convenient, health, wide range of uses.

2, for the medical treatment of fever, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory pain relief, cold compress beauty, sprain, hemostatic, purulent, skin care and other auxiliary physiotherapy.

3, refrigerated transport of various biological refrigeration reagents, solder paste, poultry drugs, drugs, plasma, vaccines, aquatic products, poultry, ornamental fish and foreign trade preservation of food long distance refrigerated transport.

4, for sports athletes training and competition in the process of injury, sprain, injury and other use.

5, the daily life of energy-saving, in the refrigerator when the power to maintain low temperature, food preservation, iced beverages, travel to carry.

6, its effective use of cold capacity of the same volume of Ice 6 times times.