The role of cold-keeping bag

① long-term into the refrigerator, can reduce the number of host start-up and save electricity, even if the power outage can extend the time to stay warm.

② Aquatic Seafood: crab, shrimp, live fish, sea urchin, fish, marine, shellfish and all kinds of aquatic seedlings.

③ Marine Insects: Rock worms, green worms, red worms, white worms, insects, insects, water and sand silkworms and other live bait.

④ Fruits and vegetables: high-grade fresh fruit vegetables, flowers and candy food far-road transport.

⑤ chemical agents: Chemical reagents, biological drugs, injection vaccines and plasma, such as low-temperature transport.

⑥ Medical Care Category: The role of high fever, anti-inflammatory analgesia, cold compress beauty, heat and hot compress physiotherapy bag.

⑦ Other: In the travel, camping, can be iced beverages, in the family can be stored cold energy-saving, can also cool bag cooling, hot bag heating. At the same time in the catering industry also has a very wide range of applications.

⑧ Pet ice pack: Can cool cooling for pets.

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