What is the principle of antipyretic paste?


Antipyretic stickers belong to physical cooling products, which are mainly used for children with fever and fever. When a child has a fever, the fever can be attached to the forehead or temples, and 1 posts in the daytime and late day will be able to achieve a lasting 12 hour fever. What is the principle of antipyretic paste?

The principle of children's antipyretic paste and the traditional method of reducing the fever are all the same. It is through the movement of the body to take away the heat in the body, so that the accumulated heat in the body can be effectively released, such as the cold towel external application, perspiration heat dissipation, cold pillow, ice cold compress and other traditional methods are the same. Some of the principles of children's antipyretic paste are natural drugs such as mint, borneol and so on. A large number of water molecules in the gelatinous substance play a key role in cooling and cooling.