Autumn Begins;


Autumn Begins is the beginning of autumn. The sun reaches the yellow longitude 135 degrees every year on August 7 or 8. The Chinese lunar New Year, the seventh lunar New Year. Autumn, pull also, the thing is in this and clench also." The fall of autumn generally indicates that the hot summer is coming and autumn is coming. After the autumn (solar term), the next rain in the autumn is cool, so there is "a cold autumn rain". "Four people's moon order" : "the autumn, chilly; The night begins, the heat stops. Early in the zhou dynasty, in the early days of the autumn, the father of the three male relatives of the three officials to the western suburbs to yingqiu, held a sacrificial ceremony. According to the record, in the autumn of the song dynasty, the palace was to be planted in the basin of the wutong in the temple, waiting for the "autumn" when the time of the day, too, the recorder will be loud. When they finished, the wutong dropped one or two leaves for autumn.