Hot And Humid Compress

Soak the small towel in hot water and dry it, place it in the desired heat compress, then cover the dry towel or cotton pad to keep it warm. The temperature of the cloth to the baby does not feel hot, can withstand the principle. Damp heat can also be used in hot and humid towels to put hot water bag method to maintain the heat. The damp heat can last for 20-30 minutes. In the hot compress process, should often observe the local skin color, asks the baby to feel burns not hot? Avoid burns. At the same time, the hot compress should be local dry cover, the baby do not go out immediately, to avoid a cold.

Often used for anti-inflammatory, analgesic. Place the rubber sheet (or plastic sheeting) and towel under the damp heat to avoid getting wet clothes and bedding. In the skin that needs hot compress local besmear to Vaseline (or besmear edible oil, its range is bigger than hot compress area), then cover a layer of gauze. will be immersed in hot water towel wring dry (to the degree of not dripping), with the wrist test temperature, not hot, folding after applying to the sick child, above the lid dry towel insulation. In the case of the department does not avoid pressure, but also can be placed on a small towel in hot water bags, and then covered with a large towel moisturizing effect is better. Hot and humid temperature to the sick child can withstand, not to scald principle, about 3-5 minutes to replace, general continuous hot compress for 15-20 minutes.