Hot Compress Precautions

1. Whichever method you use, should pay attention to prevent burns, especially children, coma patients, the elderly, and have paralysis disease, diabetes, nephritis and other blood circulation is not good or sensitive patients, use hot compress, should at any time check the local skin changes, such as redness and foaming, should immediately stop.

2. Hot compress as a combination therapy for the initial swelling, barley swelling, myositis, arthritis, dysmenorrhea, cold, caused by abdominal pain and waist and leg pain. However, when the acute abdomen is not diagnosed, such as appendicitis, facial, oral infection purulent, all kinds of visceral bleeding, joint sprain initial edema, all disabled hot compress.

Traditional Chinese Medicine hot compress method is simple, easy to operate, can let the patient at home treatment. Operation can be directly placed in the large pot of herbal cooking, can also be put into the pocket of medicine into the pot to fry, after cooking, you can use hot steam to fumigation the affected place, when the liquid temperature drops moderate, with a towel dipped in the medicine to apply to the affected, or directly put the bag on the affected, each treatment time is 20-30 minutes, the daily time.