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Mr. Liu Fangyi, Chairman Of INTCO MEDICAL, Was Invited To Attend The 2018 ASEAN business opportunity dialogue meeting

In the afternoon of July 26th, Mr. Liu Fangyi, chairman of INTCO MEDICAL(stock code 300677), was invited to participate in the "2018 ASEAN business opportunity dialogue meeting" and made a keynote speech as an entrepreneur representative.

At the conference, President Liu Fangyi,the president of the ASEAN Business Council, Xu Ningning, the vice chairman of the ASEAN Chamber of Commerce in Malaysia and Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam's Commercial Counsellor in China sat on the podium, and were friendly and exchanged.

"The 2018 ASEAN business opportunity dialogue meeting" aims to assist Chinese enterprises to seize new business opportunities in the construction of the "one along the road",introduce the new situation and business opportunities of the ASEAN countries' economic development, interpret the ASEAN countries' business policies and regulations and investment environment, help the enterprises to find out the breakthrough point and focus of cooperation with ASEAN countries, and discuss China jointly. The new development of ASEAN Economic and trade cooperation.