The Effect Of Hot Compress

1, alleviate eye fatigue

Hot compress can promote the blood circulation of the eye week, alleviate eye fatigue, can partially alleviate the symptom of dry eye, still have the effect of eyesight and brain.

2. Prevention of deafness

Apply to the ear or gently rub, can improve the ear blood circulation, prevent the lack of blood-induced functional deafness.

3, Improve dizziness

Put the hot towel on the back of the head, a few minutes each time, this can stimulate the back of the head of the acupoint, can improve some patients with dizziness symptoms, but also improve the responsiveness and thinking ability.

4, the treatment of stiff neck

A mild stiff neck can be applied to the affected region with a hot towel and with neck activity. The head slowly bends forward and gently rotates around the left and right sides.

5. Prevention and treatment of cervical spondylosis

Early symptoms of cervical spondylosis, such as stiff neck, sore or mild pain after cold, can be used to improve the symptoms of hot compress, promote blood circulation, relieve muscle spasm, prevent cervical spondylosis.

6. Alleviating Chronic lumbar pain

Lumbar pain hot compress, can alleviate local symptoms, such as serious illness should be in time to hospital visits.

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